What Is Digital Core?

Digital Core is a community where members can discuss and exchange opinions freely and effectively on the new society born through the use of information and communication technology. Members are composed of very experienced group of people active in various fields; and it transcends existing industrial-academic-government frameworks.

Digital Core's Activities

Global Information Summit (GIS)

The Global Information Summit is an international meeting of leaders and experts working at the cutting edge of information technology in both domestic and international markets. Aside from the main meeting held in the spring, there is also a non-regularly scheduled meeting that is sometimes held in the summer called the Midyear Forum. (Next summit is under consideration)

On-Line Meetings

These meetings give the approximately 250 Nikkei Digital Core members the opportunity to exchange ideas and information about a variety of IT-related topics.

Study Groups and Monthly Meetings

Members also have the chance to meet face to face several times per month. These include study groups, which are held in multiple sessions on a number of topics, as well as monthly meetings where current topics and issues are discussed.

Opinion Sharing

Several members of Digital Core currently write columns to be posted on Nikkei Net.

Debate Retreats

Intensive debate retreats are held on weekends as either all-day or overnight events.

Regional Computerization Forum

This forum commends outstanding examples of IT activities taking place throughout the country at the local level by companies, organizations and government offices. The awards ceremony is combined with symposia and debates.

International Exchange Meetings

Breakfasts and dinners are held when experts from abroad visit Japan to create a venue for discussion and exchange.

Aside from the activities listed here, Digital Core is continually making the effort to create new activities as well.

Participating in Digital Core

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